Wemax Dice Review: 700 ANSI LUMENS Wireless Projector

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Wemax Dice Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Brightness
  • Portability


The Wemax Dice is a unique take on a portable and wireless projector. Thanks to the Android TV 9, which makes it an all-in-one projector. As a result, you can connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi and enjoy your favorite content without the need of an external source.

With every electronic device going portable and wireless, projectors have jumped on the same bandwagon.

Most compact projectors require an active wall socket connection at all times.

You can also get a wide range of pocket-able pico projectors. But due to their small size, pico projectors aren’t very bright, have low resolution, and don’t last long.

This is where wireless projectors like Wemax Dice fill the gap and offer you the best of both worlds. It offers a portable size, higher resolution, and a bright lamp for turning any room into an entertainment zone. It also has a bigger battery that eliminates the need for continuous power supply.

In this Wemax Dice review, we’ll look at the projector’s design, built quality, and performance. We’ll go through its smart features and tell you if it’s worth your investment.

Wemax Dice Review

  • 【3 Hours Battery Video Time, Portable Outdoor Theater】 With the built-in 16000 mAh battery, you can use the projector continuously for up to 3 hours; WEMAX Dice is a truly portable outdoor movie projector that can run on battery power for the duration of 1 or 2 movies; ideal for evening outdoor screenings
  • 【700 ANSI Lumens 4K Support, Remarkable Clarity】 WEMAX Dice Movie Projector delivers 1920x1080p high-resolution display, and supports 4K movie playback. 4-channel LED RGB+BP technology, 20% brighter than traditional 3-channel LED projectors. High-end DLP imaging technology with 700 ANSI lumens of brightness for stunning Full HD visual entertainment
  • 【Auto Keystone Correction, Angles Never Bother You】 Just put WEMAX Dice at any angle, the projector's auto keystone correction function can give you the best viewing experience. The 4-point keystone correction function can adjust the projected image within ±45° vertically and horizontally. Auto focus feature provides instant clarity for movies or other content you love without having to struggle with manual settings
  • 【Dual 5W Dolby Audio DTS-HD Theater-Like Speakers】 Hear your movie come to life. The 2 built-in speakers support Dolby and DTS for a cinematic sound experience; you can even use the WEMAX Dice portable projector as a standalone speaker thanks to the built-in Bluetooth feature
  • 【Built-in Certified Android TV, Endless Entertainment】 You can easily download apps from Google Play, such as YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. You can also use Google Assistant by pressing the button on the remote to give commands. In addition, you can mirror your phone's screen to the projector wirelessly. Note: Netflix is subject to copyright restrictions. If you want to stream Netflix, we recommend connecting a FireTV Stick or Roku Stick to access the content you want.

First Impression & Design

Even though the Wemax Dice is marketed as a smart portable projector, it weighs 4.8 pounds. Plus, its cuboidal shape makes it a little tricky to stuff in a backpack.

Wemax Dice Smart Portable Projector

Within the box, aside from the projector, you get an instruction manual, a cleaning cloth, remote control, and a power adapter. The Wemax Dice measures 6.1-inch height, 4.9-inch wide, and 6.2-inch deep, with a leatherette carrying strap at the top. The mustard-colored carrying strap offers a nice contrast against the projector’s gun-metal finish.

At the front, there’s the projection lens and autofocusing camera. Being a smart projector, it can automatically focus the projection and keystone without manual intervention.

Wemax Dice has multiple wired and wireless

The top has a power button, while the back features a few wired connectivity options like the headphone jack, USB 2.0, and an HDMI 2.0 port. In terms of wireless connectivity, the Wemax Dice is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1.

At the bottom, there are 4 rubber feet and a quarter-inch tripod mount. Using the mount, you can attach this projector to a tripod and enjoy a movie theater-like experience.

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Built Quality & Performance

The built quality of this projector is fantastic. It feels sturdy and can easily match with the likes of Anker & Xgimi portable projectors. The outer casing is built using high-quality plastic with the inclusion of metal parts. This fusion of materials makes the projector robust and is a significant factor in weighing more than it should.

Alongside, the carrying strap at the top is of high quality. It can easily support the weight of Wemax Dice and doesn’t feel stressed even when lifted for an extended period.

Wemax Dice - 3Hr Battery Life Projector

There are plenty of perforations throughout the projector’s body. It helps in heat dissipation and aids towards 360° Dolby Audio speaker, and we’ll talk about it later.

With its LED light source, the Wemax Dice offers up to 700 ANSI lumens brightness. Compared to pico projectors, 700 ANSI lumens is good enough to get a reasonably bright picture within a dimly lit room.

Moreover, the brightness doesn’t reduce once you remove the power cord. The projector draws power from its 16,000 mAH battery.

When you start the projector, the initial setup is straightforward. The focus camera at the front allows for automatic focusing and keystone correction. The projector can process the projection surface and adjust the projection screen size and alignment.

In some cases, if the automatic focusing and keystone correction is not able to do their magic, you can manually fine-tune these settings within the projector’s OSD menu.

Wemax Dice 1080P Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens projector

This projector also comes with horizontal keystone correction. Using these features, you can place this projector on the far left or right side of a room and still enjoy a perfectly aligned projection screen.

In terms of picture quality, the Wemax Dice has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p. With Full HD resolution, you can expect crisp display quality and precise text reproduction. You get a great balance between colors, and the color output seems vivid. The black levels are deep, and the whites do not feel overexposed.

This projector is equipped with Android TV 9.0; hence you get a plethora of smart features and connectivity options. You can summon Google Assistant and voice control your way through various settings and apps with the provided remote control.

As mentioned above, this projector has an inbuilt battery rated to last up to 3 hours. The Android TV home screen also displays the battery percentage, which gives you an idea about the battery life.

In our testing, the battery lasted up to 150 minutes, which is quite good to watch an entire movie in one go. The Wemax Dice also has Eco mode that can surely help in extending the battery life by a reasonable margin.

Wemax Dice Autofocus, 120-Inch Picture, 360° Dolby Audio Speaker
Wemax Dice package contents

You also get several projection modes like Standard, Movie, Vivid, Sports, Child, and User. With each mode, the picture quality and brightness change slightly to adapt to the content you’re watching. Within the User Mode, you can manually set the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue, color temperature, and digital noise reduction.

With the Android TV setup, you can access over 5000 apps through the Google Play store. However, essential apps like Netflix and Prime Video are missing at the moment. It could be rectified in upcoming updates. However, you can connect your favorite streaming media device like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku to enjoy your favorite content.

Talking about audio quality and speakers, the Wemax Dice comes with a 10W Dolby Audio DTS HD speaker system. Unlike other projectors, this speaker system offers excellent sound quality, and you can use it for an immersive auditory experience.

Important Features & Functions

  • Auto-Focusing & Keystone Correction: If you go with a regular projector at this price, it is hard to find auto-focusing and keystone correction. If you’re a first-time projector buyer, you’ll enjoy these two features. Plus, the inclusion of horizontal keystone correction enhances the Wemax Dice’s usability even when not kept in the room’s center.
  • 16,000 mAH battery: While pico projectors tend to have a small-size battery, the 16,000 mAH battery on this projector is a significant upgrade. In our test, we found the battery to last up to 2.5 hours in one go. You can take advantage of the Eco mode or reduce the projector’s brightness and achieve the rated 3 hours of battery life. The 16,000 mAH battery can also act as a power bank. You can use this big battery to charge your electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.
  • Android TV 9.0: The inclusion of Android TV 9.0 turns this wireless portable projector into a smart device. You can access thousands of apps through the Google Play store and enjoy them on this projector. The provided remote control is mic enabled, and hence you can summon Google Assistant to do many tasks for you.

WeMax Dice Review: Pros & Cons


  • Excellent design and built quality
  • Bigger battery life
  • Offers 700 ANSI lumens brightness
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Full HD native resolution
  • Can independently use this projector as a standalone Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy setup with automatic focus and keystone correction
  • The leatherette strap is a great design feature and can be used to easily transport this projector around a room


  • Heavier than its competition
  • The cuboidal design prevents it from efficiently storing it in a backpack
  • The current update misses out on Netflix and Prime Video but could be added in future updates


The Wemax Dice has taken a unique approach to the portable and wireless projector race with its unique design and a beautiful carrying strap.

You get a plethora of smart features usually missing in regular projectors at a similar price point. At home, you can use this projector via the power brick; however, you also have the option to use it wirelessly on a camping trip or during an outdoor movie setup.

With the addition of 10W Dolby Audio support, you won’t need to invest in a Bluetooth speaker as the built-in speaker works very well.

For the price you pay, you get an excellent portable projector that can easily take on similar products from Xgimi and Anker.

If you have any questions regarding this projector, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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