Can I Use a Projector Instead of a Computer Monitor?

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Do you always wonder, ‘Can I Use a Projector instead of a Computer Monitor?’ If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll find out just that.

Technically, a projector and a computer monitor are display devices. Thus, anything you feed into it, the device will display it.

Modern projectors have become cheaper, lighter and more portable. Therefore, it makes sense to get a projector and replace your computer monitor.

However, it isn’t a simple question because there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using a projector instead of a computer monitor.

You must consider these factors before making a purchase. Read on to know more:

Can I Use a Projector Instead of a Computer Monitor?

Yes! You can use a projector instead of a computer monitor. Modern projectors come with an HDMI port. With it, you can easily connect your PC to the projector without any issues.

While you can use a projector instead of a computer monitor; however, long-term usage is where problem can occurs.

Therefore, you need to consider all the crucial factors before purchasing a projector.

Sometimes, a projector is a better choice than a computer monitor. On the other hand, you’ll have to make severe compromises while using a projector.

Read on to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using a projector instead of a computer monitor.

Advantages of Using a Projector Instead of a Computer Monitor

1. Big Screen Size

A projector’s biggest advantage over a computer screen is the projectio size. Even a $100 projector can produce a bigger screen size than a computer monitor.

Projector Big Screen Size

The big screen size is ideal for watching movies, TV shows, casual gaming, photo viewing, and other multimedia usage.

Besides that, a bigger screen is useful for working on spreadsheets, documents, conference calls, video editing, audio production, casual work, and more.

On top of that, suppose a couple or multiple people want to work with the same computer system. In that case, a projector turns out to be a lifesaver.

Thanks to the big size, there are numerous other advantages of using a projector instead of a computer screen. It’s one of the primary factors which makes the projector a better choice than a computer monitor.

2. Extremely Portable

Currently, you can get a projector anywhere that’s ideal for a home theatre to the ones that fit in your pocket. Based on your requirements, there are multiple types of projectors to choose from.

Suppose you plan on using your computer occasionally. In that case, you can buy a small-size projector. Later, you can store the projector in the store room after using it.

Thanks to a projector’s portable size, it can easily fit in the smallest of spaces and doesn’t require much room like a computer monitor.

Furthermore, you can easily carry a projector anywhere with you. Just pack it in your backpack or a messenger bag, and you’re good to go.

The same cannot be said about a regular computer monitor. You’ll have to take extra care while transporting a computer monitor.

3. Immersive Viewing Experience

Imagine watching your favorite football, baseball or basketball show on a projector than a computer monitor. A computer monitor cannot offer the same immersive experience as a projector.

I prefer watching sporting events on a projector rather than my TV or computer monitor. It’s because you aren’t trapped by any boundaries or fixed screen size.

Therefore, if your friends are around, you can simply move back the projector and watch the screen size go from 65 to 100 inches instantly.

Disadvantages of Using a Projector Instead of a Computer Monitor

1. Tedious Setup

Setting up a projector before every use can get extremely tedious unless you’re planning for a permanent setup.

With a projector, you must manually adjust the screen size, focus, keystone, and ground levelling.

While a few projectors do this automatically, they come at a higher price.

Futhermore, the first time setup of a projector is complicated. In comparison, computer monitors come with a plug and play setup.

You might also need to invest in a projector screen or projector paint, which can further increase the overall cost.

2. Require a Dim Room

It is common knowledge that a projector requires sufficiently dimmer room for an ideal projection.

Assuming you’ll use the projector for productive work and during the daytime. In that case, you’ll need blackout window curtains, which curtail sunlight and other ambient light.

However, a dark room can hamper productivity and can lead to dimished learning and memory performance. In such cases, a computer monitor is a better option because you can effortlessly use it during daytime.

3. High Power Consumption

Compared to older projectors, modern projectors have become energy efficient thanks to newer inventions. However, when paired against a computer monitor, a projector consumes more electricity.

Therefore, be ready to pay a little extra in electricity bills if you plan to switch from a computer monitor to a projector.

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4. Fan Noise & Excess Heat

Unlike a computer monitor, a projector consists of numerous parts to create a projection.

Thus, a projector’s assembly gets hotter and requires exhaust fan(s) to prevent the projector from getting extremely hot.

Due to this, a projector fan runs at higher RPMs and makes a louder noise. The fan noise is extremely intrusive and might prevent you from focusing on your work.


I hope this article helped you answer your question about “Can I Use a Projector Instead of a Computer Monitor?”

Based on your specific needs, the advantages and disadvantages can change. However, for general usage, the cons outweigh the pros when using a projector instead of a computer monitor.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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