How to Turn up Volume on Projector without Remote

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Are you wondering how to turn up volume on projector without remote? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this article, we’ll explore several possible solutions to help you change your projector’s volume without a remote.

How to Turn up Volume on Projector without Remote

There are several solutions to help you turn up your projector’s volume without a remote. It includes using the projector’s onboard controls, an IR blaster, controlling volume through the speakers, and a universal remote.

But before that, it is important to check if you can buy an aftermarket remote for your projector. Losing a remote control is more common than you think; hence, TV and projector manufacturers sell aftermarket remote controls.

Hence, if you can, try finding the manufacturer-supplied remote control for your projector. It’s the best solution for your problem.

Suppose you can’t find an aftermarket remote control for your projector. In that case, let’s go through different solutions one by one. I’ll explain them to you in great detail.

1. Using Physical Volume Buttons

Most projectors available in the market come with physical volume buttons. These buttons are placed either on the projector’s top or left and right sides.

Epson Projector On Board Volume Controls
Epson Projector with On-board Controls

The volume buttons are placed close to other important buttons for power, menu, input source, etc.

In most cases, the volume button is labeled as (+) and (-) to increase and decrease the volume, respectively.

Some projectors like the Viewsonic M1 or the Miroir M220 have a volume wheel to increase or decrease the volume.

While it can be inconvenient; however, it is useful to turn up a projector’s volume without a remote.

In some cases, a few projectors exist without physical volume buttons, like the Xgimi Elfin. If you have a projector without onboard controls, please move on to the following solutions.

2. Get an IR Adapter

Suppose your projector doesn’t have physical volume buttons. In that case, the next best thing is to get an IR Adapter for your smartphone.

IR Adapter to Control Projector Volume

An IR Adapter is a plug-and-play device for your smartphone. It will connect to your iPhone through the lighting port. After that, you must download an IR Blaster or IR Remote Control app from App Store. It is also available for Android devices with USB-C connector.

With an IR Adapter and the smartphone app, you can turn up the volume on your projector. This combination lets you control numerous other functions like power, input source, reset, menu, and more.

Apart from this, some smartphones also come with a built-in IR Blaster. Hence, if you have such a smartphone, then no need to buy an external device.

3. Download Projector App

Popular projector brands like Epson, BenQ, Optoma, and more offer smartphone apps. These apps offer numerous functionality, including basic controls. Thus, you can change the volume on your projector by using the projector app.

Here’s the smartphone app for different projector brands:

  • Epson – Epson iProjection
  • BenQ – BenQ Smart Control
  • Optoma – Optoma Connect
  • Xgimi – Xgimi Assistant
  • Viewsonic – Viewsonic Projector

However, there’s one downside. These projector apps do not work with all projectors from the brand.

Since these are smartphone apps, they’ll only work with projectors with Wi-Fi or other wireless connectivity options.

Hence, if you have an older projector or one with basic functionality, you can’t use your projector brand’s smartphone app.

4. Using Streaming Media Player Remote

For people with a basic projector, I always recommend getting a streaming media player like Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast or Roku Stick.

Use Roku Stick Remote Control to Turn Up Volume on Projector

It’s because a streaming media player offers Smart TV-like features at a very nominal price. It also offers features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A streaming media player also comes with a remote control. Hence, if you’ve lost your projector’s remote, you can always use the streaming media player’s remote to control your projector’s volume.

5. Volume Control on Connected Devices

Suppose you’ve connected your projector to a laptop, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. In that case, you can control the projector’s volume through these connected devices.

For example, if connected through a laptop. You can use the laptop’s built-in volume option to turn up the projector’s volume.

You can do the same using a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or other gaming devices.

In addition, you can also use an AV Receiver and control the volume through it. In general, AC Receivers are costly; however, you can find ones that cost less than $100 and improve sound quality.

6. Control through External Speakers

This solution is pretty straightforward. Projector speakers are generally of cheaper quality; thus, you can’t expect good sound quality from them.

In such a scenario, you can purchase external speakers. You can use any wired computer speakers or go with wireless speakers if your projector has Bluetooth technology.

Once you connect an external speaker, you can directly control the projector’s volume with the speaker’s volume controller.

For a personal listening experience, you can also use headphones with a volume controller.

7. Get a Universal Remote

Are the above methods too tedious for you? If yes, then a universal remote could be your last solution.

A universal remote supports more control codecs than your regular remote. As a result, a universal remote can work with TV and projectors of different make and models.

A universal remote starts at $10, but the price can go up to $200 for models with massive bells and whistles.

Most cheap universal remotes only work with TVs and other devices like cable boxes, DVD/Blu-Ray players, speakers, etc.

Hence, you must pick a universal remote that specifically mentions ‘projectors’ in its title or specifications.

SofaBaton U2 Universal Remote

A popular universal remote for projectors is the SofaBaton U2. It’s slightly on the premium side and comes with a smartphone app.

Before using the universal remote, there’s a first-time setup for effectively communicating with the projector. After that, you’re good to go.

However, it’s important to note that with a universal remote, you’ll miss out on quick access features that the company-provided remote offers.

Epson Projector Universal Remote

Moreover, you can also look for brand-specific universal remotes.

For example, Epson sells universal remotes for its different projector line up.

Similarly, few OEM brands manufacture universal remote controls for popular projector brands like BenQ, Optoma, Samsung, LG, etc.


I hope this article helped you answer your question about ‘how to turn up volume on projector without remote.’ If you’re satisfied with the solution, please let me know in the comment section below. Moreover, if you can, ask any questions you have, and I’ll answer them promptly.

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