How to Reset Epson Projector Lamp Timer (1-minute Guide)

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Have you replaced your Epson projector’s lamp? If yes, then you need to reset its lamp timer. Here’s how to do it:

To reset your Epson projector lamp timer, go to Menu > Reset and select ‘Reset Lamp Hours.’

Suppose you don’t reset the lamp timer after replacing the lamp. In that case, your Epson projector won’t work correctly. It will still consider you’re using the old lamp.

How to Reset Epson Projector Lamp Timer: Step-by-Step Procedure

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to reset the lamp timer on an Epson Projector.

  1. Please turn on the projector and let it go through its warm-up time.
  2. Press the Menu button on the remote or use the projector’s physical button
  3. Navigate to the Reset option
  4. Select the ‘Reset Lamp Hours’ option
  5. Select Yes when you see a prompt to reset the lamp timer
Epson Projector reset lamp hours menu option
Step 4: Epson Projector Reset Lamp Hours
Epson Projector Lamp hour reset confirmation message
Step 5: Lamp Hours Reset Confirmation

Note: Use the ‘Reset Lamp Hours’ option only when you’ve replaced your lamp. Never use it if you haven’t replaced the lamp. It will result in inaccurate readings and cause further damage to the projector in the long run.

Most Epson projectors with moderate use efficiently work for >5 years. Depending on the projector, the projector lamp might cost ¼ to ½ of the projector’s cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lamp timer?

A lamp timer keeps track of the number of hours the projector lamp is used. It’s similar to a car’s trip meter (odometer), where you can track its usage.

How many hours do Epson projector lamps last?

Projector lamps in Epson projector last anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 hours, depending on your usage.

When should you replace the projector lamp?

Epson projectors have a system in place to notify about lamp usage. When it’s time to replace the lamp, you’ll see a blinking orange light on the projector. Other than that, the projector will also display a lamp replacement message when you start it.

How do I check the hours on my Epson projector lamp?

To check your Epson projector’s lamp life, navigate to Menu > Info > Projector Info. It will display the lamp hours in Normal mode and Eco mode.

How much does it cost to replace an Epson projector lamp?

There are two options you can pick when replacing a projector lamp. First is choosing a non-branded lamp that costs anywhere from $20 to $50. Besides that, you can choose OEM lamps that cost around several hundred dollars.

OEM lamps are ideal if you want longevity and high-level performance. On the other hand, non-branded lamps last only a short time, are cheaply made and can damage the projector in the long run.

How to increase an Epson projector’s lamp life?

There are a few things you can follow to improve your Epson projector’s lamp life

  • Primarily use it in low-brightness or ECO mode
    • Always clean the exhaust vents
    • Always let the projector go through its startup and cool-down mode


    Though trivial, a lamp timer is an essential feature of your projector.

    Make sure to reset the lamp timer when you install a new projector lamp. Plus, never use that option if you haven’t replaced the lamp.

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