Can you Play Netflix/Prime Video Through Projector?

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Are you wondering can you play Netflix or Prime Video through projector? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Netflix and Prime Video have become an indispensable part of our life, isn’t it?

Similar to Instagram, it’s hard to imagine watching your favorite movies and TV shows on any platform other than Netflix and Prime Video.

With a massive library of video content, most of us find ourselves spending countless hours watching Netflix or Prime Video at once.

While we use our smartphone, laptop, and TV to watch Netflix; however, the best way to watch movies and TV shows is on a projector…

…which begs us to question:

Can you Play Netflix/Prime Video through Projector?

Yes! You can easily watch Netflix and Prime Video on a projector. Many projectors come with Smart TV-like features and pre-installed with Netflix and Prime Video. You can also connect streaming media devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or Roku TV Stick to a projector and watch Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming platforms.

Now that you have the quick answer, I’ll explain in detail how to watch Netflix and Prime Video on your projector.

Moreover, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started with the process. I’ll cover them further in the article.

Different Ways to Play Netflix or Prime Video through Projector?

1. Using a Smart Projector

Similar to smart TV, numerous smart projectors are available in the market.

A smart projector comes with a built-in operating system allowing you to access various apps, games, and other functionalities right from the projector.

Netflix played through a projector

For example:

LG uses its WebOS operating system to power its smart projectors, Viewsonic uses Aptoide TV, and most other projector brands like Anker, Vava, Epson, and more use Android TV operating system to offer smart TV functionality with your projector.

👉 You might ask, what’s the advantage of a smart projector? The simple answer is:

A projector is similar to a TV. Without any smart features, you’ll need an external device like a cable box, computer, gaming console, and more to use the projector.

In contrast, a smart projector eliminates the need to connect any external device, making your projector a standalone or all-in-one display device.

Epson Epiqvision Mini EF12 is the best laser projector under $1000

A projector like Epson Epiqvision EF12 comes with Smart TV-like features and a high-quality audio system. Hence, after connecting it to your home Wi-Fi, you can watch your favorite content without connecting any external devices, making it an all-in-one projector.

In addition, a smart projector also comes pre-installed with apps like Netflix and Prime Video.

With these services, you can watch your favorite content right onto a big screen.

Even if Netflix and Prime Video aren’t pre-installed, you can connect the projector to your home Wi-Fi and install these apps through Play Store.

2. Using a Streaming Media Player

A streaming media player like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Roku TV Stick, and Apple TV is a cheap and efficient way to play Netflix/Prime Video through a projector. You need to:

  • Connect the streaming media player to your projector through the HDMI port
  • Connect it to your home Wi-Fi
  • Go through the first-time setup and configure
  • And at last, watch Netflix and Prime Video on your projector

👉 You can read our detailed guide on connecting and configuring a streaming media player with your projector.

The biggest advantage of a streaming media player is that it can connect with any projector, as long as it has an HDMI. Moreover, if you have an older projector with an HDMI, you can refer this article to learn about connecting Fire TV Stick to the projector.

In addition, a streaming media player also comes with Bluetooth technology and screen mirroring options.

Hence, you can also connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to your projector wirelessly and connect your smartphone, tablet, and laptop to the projector through the streaming media player.

3. Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring, as the name suggests, is mirroring the contents from your smartphone or tablet onto the projector.


The problem with screen mirroring is that it won’t in all instances while playing Netflix or Prime Video through a projector.

screen mirroring allows to stream netflix onto projector
Image Credit: MFrissen

Due to various content protection policies, Netflix doesn’t support screen mirroring from your smartphone to your projector; however, Prime Video does.

For that, you’ll need a projector that supports wireless screen mirroring. Else, you can screen mirror your smartphone to projector via a streaming media player.

Demonstration of wireless screen mirroring of Amazon Prime Video

For wireless casting to work, make sure your projector or streaming media player and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

What are the best projectors to watch Netflix and Prime Video?

If you don’t have a projector yet, you can consider several fantastic projector options. I’ll suggest both types of projectors, i.e., smart and regular projectors (without Smart TV capability).

With a regular projector, you can access Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more through a streaming media player. In comparison, a smart projector comes pre-installed with Netflix and other video streaming apps.

Smart Projectors:

  1. Nebula Capsule 3 Laser – The Nebula Capsule 3 is a compact laser projector that weighs just 2 pounds and offers native 1080p resolution, 300 ANSI lumens brightness, and dual 8W Dolby Digital built-in speakers. It has built-in Android TV 11 and Chromecast to watch your favorite video streaming services.
  2. LG PF50KA – The biggest USP of LG PF50KA is its built-in battery, making it a true wireless projector. The battery can last up to 2.5 hours, which allows you to watch an entire movie in one go. Other features include 1080p native resolution, 600 ANSI lumens, and numerous wired and wireless connectivity options.
  3. Epson Epiqvision EF12 – I’ve already mentioned the Epson Epiqvision EF12 before. Its biggest advantage is the 2.1 speaker system from Yamaha that offers a loud and crystal clear sound output. In addition, it gets Epson’s patented 3LCD technology, which saves you from the rainbow effect seen in most DLP projectors.

Regular Projectors

  1. Epson Home Cinema 880 – The Epson Home Cinema 880 is the brand’s entry-level home theater projector. Compared to a smart projector, the Epson Home Cinema 880 offers a whopping 3,300 lumens brightness. Hence, the projector is meant for comfortably daytime usage.
  2. Nexigo PJ40 or Yaber Pro V7 – The Nexigo PJ40 and Yaber Pro V7 are two of my favorite budget projectors that cost around $250. Both projectors offer similar feature sets, including screen mirroring and Bluetooth capabilities. You also get features like auto keystone correction and numerous connectivity options.


I hope this article helped answer your question about, can you play Netflix/Prime Video through a projector?

As you’ve seen above, the process is very straightforward, and you can get started within a few minutes if you have a smart projector or a streaming media player.

Unfortunately, with Netflix, the screen mirroring option doesn’t work in most instances, and most projectors also don’t support it.

If you still have queries about this issue, you can leave your questions in the comment section below. I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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