How to Hide Projector for Halloween Decoration: 7 Methods

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Are you wondering how to hide projector for Halloween Decorations? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Projectors are an excellent way to amplify your Halloween decorations. However, the entire fun gets spoiled if they’re visible in plain sight.

Hence, in this article, I’ve listed 7 different methods for hiding a projector for Halloween decorations.

Are you ready?

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How to Hide Projector for Halloween Decoration: Quick Answer

The easiest way to hide a projector for Halloween decoration is by hiding it within a fake tombstone. Other methods include:

  • Hiding behind a prop
  • Behind a projection screen
  • Placing Inside Old Cabinet
  • Within a storage container
  • Covering with fake bushes
  • Inside your house

Now that you have the quick answer, let’s explore in detail how to hide your projector for Halloween decoration.

Based on your Halloween setup, you can use one or several methods, listed below, to hide your projector.

Moreover, this isn’t an exhaustive list. You can also develop several unique methods to hide your projector by applying your creativity.

You can also use a few risqué techniques like

  • Placing on a tree
  • Hanging from a ceiling
  • Placing within a small trench, and more

7 Different Methods to Hide Projector for Halloween Decoration

The methods listed here are safe for most people and easy to setup. Some also include DIY methods, or you can buy similar alternatives from Etsy.

1. Hiding inside a fake Tombstone

While Halloween has different origin stories, it’s mainly celebrated to remember the dead. Hence, what better way to do that than a tombstone prop, right?

For this purpose, there aren’t readymade options available; hence, you’ll have to wear your DIY hat and follow this excellent Tombstone prop-making video by VanOaksProps.

You can either use an existing projector or purchase a new one.

The tombstone prop in the above video is designed for a compact projector.

I also recommend using a compact projector because they’re easy to hide and do not generate excess heat.

Currently, you can find projectors that fit in the palm of your hand and lighter on your wallet. One such projector is the AAXA P6X. It offers 1000 LED lumens brightness, 4 hours of battery life, and weighs under 2 pounds.

aaxa p6x compact projector is eary to hide for Halloween decoration
Battery-powered AAXA P6X projector

Thanks to the projector’s excellent specifications, you can also use it regularly after Halloween.

Coming back to the tombstone prop, the video is self-explanatory. Here, you have to create a foam-based tombstone, which is extremely easy to make.

Later, place the projector inside the tombstone prop with its back partially open and play your Halloween decoration videos.

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2. Old Cabinet

While going through YouTube, I found this excellent DIY hack to use an old cabinet as a Halloween prop and also hide your projector.

The lady in the video has purchased an old cabinet from Craigslist and repurposed it to make a hiding place for her projector.

She has painted the cabinet black and placed a dragon prop on the top.

Also, she has removed one of the cabinet doors and placed the projector onto one of the shelves.

Old cabinet to hide your projector for Halloween decoration
Purchase old cabinet from Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace

Thus, passersby see the dragon prop and the cabinet’s backside. While the projector projects Halloween decoration video onto the entire house.

3. Rear Projection

One of the easiest ways to hide a projector is by placing it behind a projector screen.

Suppose you’re using a sheer projector screen. In that case, you can easily hide the projector behind the projection screen and play your digital decoration videos.

Rear projection to hide your projector for Halloween decoration
Rear projection example

Most projectors come with rear projection mode, which means the projector plays the video in the correct orientation even though it’s placed behind the projector screen.

Ensure the projection material isn’t too sheer, else your visitors will see the projector. On top of that, an excessive sheer projection material won’t be able to display the projection correctly.

4. Inside your House

The most trouble-free way to hide your projector is by placing it inside your house.

Like the above method, you can place the projection screen near your window. Later, using the rear projection method, you can project your favorite digital decoration videos onto the window.

AtmosFX offers high-quality window projection Halloween decorations. You can pick the whole set for less than $100 or go to the AtmosFX website and pick single decoration videos for $6 each.

5. Plastic Storage Container

A plastic storage container is a cheap and effective way to hide your projector outdoors and protect it from external elements like rain, dust, mud, etc.

Check the above video, which shows the apt usage of a clear plastic storage container for roof projection.

If you have a clear case, you must make a small cut on the side for heat dissipation.

Suppose you’re reusing an old plastic container. Make sure to cut at least three holes:

  • One at the front for the projection lens
  • One at each side for air intake and exhaust vents
  • One at the back for the built-in speakers (optional)

Weatherproof your container so water doesn’t enter the enclosure and damage your projector.

If it’s your first time doing this setup, check the projector regularly and ensure it works correctly.

6. Inside a Prop

Suppose you have multiple props in your front yard for Halloween decorations. In that case, you can easily hide your projector within one of the props.

Additionally, pumpkins are a favorite Halloween prop. Thus, you can purchase large pumpkin props from a nearby Halloween market and hide a projector inside it.

pumpkin props to hide projector for Halloween decoration
Pumpkin props to hide your projector

To achieve this, you’ll have to cut a rectangular hole into one of your props and place the projector inside.

The size of the hole depends on the size of your projector. I recommend using a battery-powered projector, which saves you the trouble of connecting it to an electrical outlet.

You can easily connect a power bank to your projector, and it will effortlessly run for an entire evening.

You can also cover the hole with a transparent plexiglass sheet, which will protect the projector from external elements.

7. Behind Bushes

While you can hide your projector behind real bushes, I don’t recommend it.

The moisture and dirt from natural bushes can damage the projector’s internals.

fake bushes to hide projector for halloween decoration
fake bushes

Instead, you can get fake bushes and hide your projector within the setup.

Again, a battery-powered projector will work best in this scenario, as they’re small and can easily fit anywhere.

If you can arrange large bushes, you can easily hide a regular-sized projector and run power through an extension cord.

5 Things to Consider When Hiding a Projector for Halloween Decoration

Now that know about different methods to hide your projector for Halloween decorations. It’s also crucial to know about a few things to consider while doing so.

Here’s a list of 5 crucial things you must consider or preplan before hiding your projector.

1. Projector Heating

Projectors are notorious for generating excess heat when in use. Hence, if you plan to hide them in a small place, it’s important to consider heat dissipation beforehand.

Lamp-based projectors produce the most heat and draw the most power in their brightest mode. The quick way to get around this is by using the projector in Eco mode.

On the other hand, LED projectors generate less heat than their lamp-based counterparts. But in a cramped space with poor air ventilation, they can get as hot as an oven.

Therefore, ensure that there’s ample airflow wherever you hide your projector. Do not block the intake and exhaust vents, or consider using external cooling fans to keep the projector cool.

2. Weatherproofing

October is infamous for erratic rainfalls; hence, ensure your projector is ready to tackle it without any issues.

Weatherproof projector for Halloween decoration
Weatherproofing projector (screengrab from The Hook Up)

To sort out the rainfall problem, you can place a waterproof shade on top of your projector to prevent water from directly falling onto the projector or the setup.

The shade must be bigger than the projector setup and cover the projector extensively from haphazard rainfall and strong winds.

Apart from that, ensure the projector setup is safe from dust and mud around your front yard.

3. Using Extension Cords

Extension cords are an easy way to power your projectors outdoors.

Suppose you’re hiding the extension cords; please properly mark them. They shouldn’t come in the way where you or your children frequently cross them.

extension cord with surge protector to power projector during Halloween decoration
Extension cord with multiple outlets and surge protector

Check the extension cord thoroughly and look for any damages or gnawing that might expose the cord’s internals.

4. Keep Away from Children

Halloween decoration is an excellent strategy to check your DIY skills. The same can be said about hiding your projector outdoors.

Let’s be honest, no matter how hard you try, the setup won’t be entirely foolproof.

Hence, try to keep your children away from the setup. It can cause various problems like:

  • Electrocution
  • Physical burns from the projector’s heat
  • Temporary blindness by accidentally looking into the projector’s lens

5. Secure Connections

As mentioned above, apart from children, you must secure your connection to prevent accidents with you and your visitors.

Double-check your electrical connections, and make sure they’re completely secure.

Do not leave anything to chance, and keep checking the entire setup regularly. Later, you can quickly act upon any issues and prevent them from escalating.


I hope this article helped you learn about how to hide projector for Halloween decorations and also do it the right way.

As mentioned above, there’s no right to hide your projector, nor is it limited to the 7 things mentioned above.

You can take the help of YouTube and Pinterest, and find numerous DIY methods to hide your projector based on your Halloween setup.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

Thank You!

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