How to Find Optoma Projector Model Number (in 2 Minutes)

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Are you wondering how to find Optoma projector model? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Optoma is notorious for not including the model name or number on the projector. Thus, most Optoma projector owners suffer when finding their projectors’ exact model number.

More importantly, many Optoma projectors look the same; hence, pinpointing your projector’s exact model number becomes difficult.

In this article, I’ve listed a few ways to find your Optoma projector model.

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How to find Optoma Projector Model Number: Quick Answer

The easiest way to find the Optoma projector model number is by looking for the projector box or purchase bill/receipt. Secondly, you can also visit the Optoma website and enter your projector’s serial number, which will display the projector’s model number.

Now that you have the quick answer, let’s explore the above answers.

Plus, I’ve also listed a few other options, including finding the Optoma projector’s serial number.

Ways to Locate Optoma Projector Model Number

1. Check Product Box/Package

The easiest way to find your Optoma projector’s model number is by checking the product box.

The product box usually has the branding, including the projector’s model name and number.

Try looking at all 6 sides of the box and finding the projector’s model number. It’s the easiest way of finding the Optoma projector model.

Suppose you can’t find the projector model number branding. In that case, look for the import or bar code label stuck onto the projector’s box.

Optoma projector product box with model number

The label will have the projector’s model number printed on it because it’s essential during shipping.

If the import or bar code label only has the projector’s series number and not the entire model number, then look for the serial number because you’ll need it later.

2. Check the Purchase Invoice or Online Receipt

It’s possible you must have discarded the product box after unboxing. In this case, look for the purchase invoice or receipt.

A purchase invoice is a must to claim warranty, and most Optoma projectors come with a 1-year warranty.

The purchase invoice usually has the projector’s model number and serial number listed on it.

Check Amazon purchase history to find Optoma projector model

Suppose you’ve bought your Optoma projector online, like from Amazon or Best Buy. In that case, look for your purchase history by visiting the ecommerce retailer’s account.

I can’t say for other online retailers, but Amazon usually retains your purchase history of the last 5 years.

Thus, look for the product purchase period, and you’ll easily find your Optoma projector’s model number and a downloadable invoice.

3. Optoma Model Number Locator

Suppose the above methods are a no-go for you. In that case, you’ll have to find the projector’s serial number.

Luckily, you’ll find the serial number on your Optoma projector’s bottom, or top if it’s ceiling-mounted.

The serial number will help you determine your Optoma projector’s model number.

Find Optoma Projector Model Number from Serial Number

Optoma has a special online tool that displays your projector’s model number after entering the serial number.

4. Check User Manual

Most Optoma projectors are supplied with a user manual. Generally, user manuals have the product’s name on the front page.

Find Optoma Projector Model Number from User Manual
Optoma projector model user manual

Commonly, most projector manufacturers club several projector user manuals into one. Thus, if your Optoma projector has a similar spec’d model, you’ll have a clubbed user manual.

Thus, the user manual can help you find your Optoma projector’s model number

5. Check the Projector’s Body

While it’s a long shot in the case of Optoma projector; however, some of them have their names printed onto the body.

Therefore, look on all 6 sides of your Optoma projector and check if the model number or series name is printed onto the projector.

6. Post on Online Communities or Forums

Online communities like ‘r/projectors’ or industry forums like can come in handy for finding your projector’s model number.

These communities or forums are filled with experts who can list your Optoma projector’s model number just by looking at it.

As a result, post a few photos of your projectors on these online communities and forums and watch people come together to determine your Optoma projector’s model number.

Here are some instances where people have posted similar queries on Reddit and AVS forum, and others have answered them accurately.

Do remember that people aren’t obligated to answer your query. Also, based on the online community or forum, it’s possible your post won’t get many views.

How to find Optoma Projector Serial Number

As mentioned above, your Optoma projector’s serial number is crucial for determining your Optoma projector’s model number.

Here are two ways to find it:

1. Check the Optoma Projector’s Bottom

Similar to what’s mentioned above, check your Optoma projector’s bottom and look for the serial number printed on a sticker.

Optoma projector serial number

The sticker will have more information, including the serial number, bar code, country of manufacturing, and regulatory number.

Again, Optoma likes to do crazy things, and your projector won’t have a serial number printed at the bottom. It will only have a regulatory number listed.

Check the following method if your Optoma projector doesn’t have the serial number listed on the body.

2. Look within the Settings Menu

Based on your Optoma projector, you may find the serial number within the settings menu.

You can open the settings page by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the projector’s body or the remote control.

Now, navigate to the ‘i’ icon, and within that, look for system information.

Within system information, you’ll find the projector’s model number and a few other important information.

Why It’s Important to Know Optoma Projector Model Number

I know you’ll have your reasons for finding your Optoma projector’s model number. But I’ve listed a few other scenarios where knowing the projector’s model number is crucial.

Lamp Replacement

Lamp replacement is the most crucial reason for knowing your Optoma projector’s model number.

Not all projectors are made equal; most require different lamps based on their design and size.

If you’re in the market looking for a replacement lamp, knowing the projector’s model number is of utmost importance.

Software Updates

Software updates help keep your projector up-to-date and brimming with newer features.

Depending on the projector, some can connect to the internet and receive updates automatically. For others, you’ll have to manually download them and install onto the projector.

Whatever the case, knowing your projector’s model number is essential for availing and downloading software updates.


I hope this article helped you learn about how to find Optoma projector model number.

As mentioned above, there are several methods to find it. I’d be glad if any of the above methods helped you find your Optoma projector’s model number.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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