Why is my Epson Projector Upside Down (Quick Fix)

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A modern projector is just like a TV. But there are several features unique to projectors.

Thus, if your Epson projector looks upside down, here’s the solution:

Your Epson projector projection looks upside down because of incorrect orientation. Most commonly, it happens when you ceiling-mount your projector. You can effortlessly correct it by changing the projection orientation from ‘Front’ to ‘Front Ceiling.’

If you’re still confused, read below to learn about it in more detail:

Why is my Epson Projector Upside Down: Here’s the fix

Throughout the years, Epson has launched numerous projectors. But the option to change the projection orientation has stayed the same.

Here’s how you can do it easily.

Step 1: Start the projector and let it go through its startup process.

Step 2: Make sure you have the remote control handy or have easy access to the Epson projector’s physical buttons.

Step 3: Hit the ‘Menu’ button on the remote control, and you’ll see a screen like this:

Epson Projector Menu Screen
Epson Projector Menu Screen

Epson projector will display the above image upside down on your end. Hence, slightly tilt your head to better understand the text upside down.

Step 4: Navigate to the ‘Extended’ option on the menu screen and enter the ‘Projection’ option.

Step 5: Inside the Projection option, the default selection will be ‘Front.’ Here, select the ‘Front Ceiling’ option, and the screen will become straight.

Projection is Front Ceiling
Select the ‘Front Ceiling’ option

As you’ve seen above, with 5 simple steps, you can turn the projection screen straight from an upside-down position.

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Suppose you’re planning on rear projection. In that case, you can select ‘Rear Ceiling’ if the projector is mounted. If the projector is not mounted, you can select the ‘Rear’ option.

Different Menu Screen: What to do?

If you see a different menu screen, then don’t worry. The projection option is similar in most Epson projectors.

Do you see a projection screen like this?

Epson Projector Main Menu splash screen
Epson Projector Main Menu Screen

If yes, please navigate to the ‘Menu’ option. From there, you can follow the above 5 steps.

Why is my Epson Projector Upside Down: Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Epson projector projecting upside down?

By default, your Epson projector’s projection is set to ‘Front.’ When you ceiling mount the Epson projector, the orientation doesn’t change automatically, and that’s why you see an upside-down image. To straighten it, go to – Menu > Extended > Projection > Front Ceiling.

How to rotate the screen on an Epson projector?

An Epson projector doesn’t offer a screen rotation option. Instead, you have to change the projection orientation. You can switch it between the front, front ceiling, rear, and rear ceiling.

Can I change the screen orientation without a remote?

Yes! You can change the screen orientation using the Epson projector’s physical buttons. You’ll find the ‘Menu’ button and navigational buttons on the projector’s body.


I hope this simple guide helped you figure out why your Epson projector is upside down and how to straighten it.

Reading the menu screen upside down can get tricky. In this scenario, you’ll have to tilt the screen.

If not, you can take a picture of the menu screen on your smartphone. Afterwards, you can rotate the photo on your smartphone and understand what’s written.

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