Epson EF11 Review: 1000L Portable Laser Projector

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Epson Epiqvision Mini EF11 Review
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The Epson Epiqvision Mini EF11 is a portable and bright laser projector. With laser projection and 3LCD projection technology, you get the right balance between picture quality and brightness. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily carry this projector anywhere with you.

Smart projectors are currently a rage right now.

Every major projector brand is putting forward its best smart projector possible at an affordable price.

Earlier I reviewed smart projectors from Wemax, LG, and Miroir, and all these projectors are featured packed to the brim.

Having said that, Epson is a reputed projector brand, and its 3LCD projection technology is revered worldwide.

Hence, in this Epson EF11 review, we’ll explore Epson’s affordable smart projector and see how it compares against the competition from Xgimi and Anker.

We’ll go over the projector’s design, build quality, performance, important features and functions. Later, I’ll let you know, if you should consider this projector or if there are better options available.

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Epson EF11 Review

  • Stunning Picture Quality up to 150" — Delivers an immersive viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, gaming and movies – for an amazing Full-HD picture.
  • Ready for Streaming (1) — Connect your preferred streaming solution such as an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, or Android TV to the built-in HDMI port and you’re ready to start streaming your favorite content (1) – easy
  • Integrated Dual-Speaker Audio System — The internal configuration includes one speaker for high frequencies and a bass-reflex speaker dedicated to low frequencies for an outstanding audio performance.
  • Elegant Compact Design — Designed with simplicity in mind, the Epson EpiqVision EF11 Mini Laser Projector has a clean, compact, and modern design, allowing you to take it virtually anywhere.
  • Epson MicroLaser Array Technology — Unique multi-array laser diode technology produces an exceptional level of brightness while significantly enhancing the black density.
  • Advanced Scene Adaptive Color Correction — Automatic scene-based color correction produces a clear and natural picture – regardless of the content being played.
  • True 3-Chip Projector Design — Advanced 3LCD technology displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame. This allows for outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without any distracting “rainbowing” or “color brightness” issues seen with other projection technologies.
  • Auto Picture Skew Correction — Depending upon how you orient the projector to the wall, the projector will analyze the projected image and correct the vertical geometry of the picture for a beautiful viewing experience.
  • Single HDMI Input — Standard HDMI input for both video and audio.
  • Award-Winning Service & Support — Standard 2-year limited warranty, full-unit replacement, along with free technical phone support for the life of the product.

First Impression and Design

The Epson EF11 has a clean, compact design; plus, it’s pretty light (weighs about 2.7 pounds). Hence, you can carry it wherever you go.

This projector is small enough to fit in your backpack. It also has a sleek modern look that suits perfectly for your minimal home décor.


On the front of the projector, you’ll find the lens. This lens can project up to 150 inches of stunning pictures on any wall in your home. Just beside the lens is the Auto Picture Skew correction feature.

This feature analyzes the orientation of the lens to the wall and then corrects the vertical geometry to avoid warping. But you can also manually adjust both the vertical and horizontal keystone correction if you need to.

On the side of the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11, you’ll notice the speaker. Well, it’s a dual-speaker system with excellent audio at both high and low frequencies. Then you turn it to the back and notice a couple of ports. One of those ports is the 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect a wired speaker or headphones for personal listening.


There is an HDMI port, which you can use to connect your preferred streaming device. It could be your Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and more.

The single HDMI port limits the number of devices you can connect to the Epson Epiqvision Mini EF11. Due to its portable size, you can disconnect and connect multiple devices instantly.

For the power supply, there’s a USB Type-A charging port. And finally, on the top of the projector, you’ll notice some perforations. That’s the provision for heat dissipation so that essential features in the device don’t get too heated up.

There’s also an Epson Epiqvision Mini EF12 whose entire top contains the speaker. Thus, you get better audio output compared to the default speaker on the Epson EF11

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Build Quality and Performance

The Epson EF11 might be small, but it is well-built. The projector should last you a long time, but that depends on how well you use it.

You can’t be rough with it and expect it to retain its integrity, and that’s because of the many fragile components inside the projector, especially the lens.

So, if you are careful with it, you should enjoy your Epson EF11 for a long time. Epson offers a 2-year limited warranty and a full-unit replacement for the product.


Speaking of performance, the Epson EF11 offers excellent picture quality primarily due to its 3LCD projection technology. It delivers the full range of colors of whatever content you are streaming without the rainbowing effect that affects DLP-based projectors.

Now, the Epson EF11 projector doesn’t offer 4k quality videos; its native resolution is 1080p. But really, you shouldn’t expect anything more from something in this price range.

For its price range and size, this projector offers excellent picture quality, especially at night. You’ll have the best viewing experience at night thanks to the 1,000 lumens brightness output. This projector isn’t the best for daylight or lights-on viewing. To check our guide on the best projectors for daytime viewing, please click here.


The Epson EF11 is a mix between a short throw and a long throw projector. And if you want to go for 100 inches of screen, you’ll have to place the projector about 7 feet away from the projection surface. As a result, the projector serves well even in small places.

Something else you will notice about this projector is that it has excellent sound. It is safe to say it has better sound than many other projectors. Its dual-speaker system offers quality sound in both high and low frequencies.

It isn’t the best in the market sound-wise, but it is better than most, and you can enjoy it without external speakers.

Important Features & Functions

  • Advanced Scene Adaptive Color Correction: As mentioned earlier, the Epson EF11 projector produces brilliant picture quality. The primary reason is its Adaptive Scene Color Correction feature. This feature allows the projector to adapt to various videos and screening conditions without losing its brilliant picture quality.
  • Auto Picture Skew Correction: With the Auto Picture Skew Correction feature, the Epson EF11 will automatically analyze the projected image and then correct the vertical geometry of the image. Of course, this depends on how you orient your projector to the wall.
  • Integrated Dual-Speaker Audio System: The Epson EF11 has a beautiful system that offers excellent sound for high and low frequencies. One speaker is specifically for high frequencies, and then there is a bass-reflex speaker for the low frequencies.
  • HDMI Port: The one HDMI port is what you will use to connect to your Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Android TV, or Roku. If it can fit, this projector will project.

Epson EF11 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Very compact and portable
  • The Automatic Skew Correction allows for quick setup
  • Weighs 2.2 pounds
  • Great sound
  • Can connect to most of the popular streaming services


  • Limited connection options with just 1 HDMI port
  • Not the best for daylight or lights-on viewing
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For its size and price, the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 does an outstanding job. The picture quality is excellent and the audio is impressive too. The fact that it doesn’t have variety when it comes to connectivity is a small price to pay, especially when you consider that connecting it to several streaming services is possible.

While it comes with a bunch of cool features, it isn’t an entirely smart projector as advertised by Epson. However, there are excellent options to consider within Epson’s stable.

Suppose you can raise your budget by a couple of hundred dollars. In that case, you should definitely get the Epson Mini EF12 because it’s an all-in-one smart projector with Android TV 10 built-in, a 2.1 speaker setup from Yamaha, and automatic focusing.

On the other hand, if you like the compact size of the Epson EF11, then the Epson EF-100 turns out to be a good choice because you get a completely smart projector at just a slightly higher price.

Coming to the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11, it’s a fantastic projector. You should consider it as an option if you are looking to get a portable projector. It is compact and a value-for-money proposition.

If you have any questions regarding this projector, leave them in the comments section below, and you will get an answer ASAP.

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