How to Connect Wii to Projector: Quick Guide

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Are you wondering how to connect Wii to projector? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Wii is a gaming console launched by Nintendo in 2006. Thus, connecting it to a modern projector won’t be straightforward.

Hence, in this article, let’s discuss the different ways you can connect Nintendo Wii to your projector, including an HDMI connection.

How to Connect Wii to Projector?

The easiest way to connect Nintendo Wii to a modern projector is by using a RCA-to-HDMI adapter. You must connect the RCA cable from the Wii console to the adapter and the HDMI cable from the adapter to your projector.

Down below, I’ve explained the whole procedure in detail. Plus, I’ve mentioned a few additional things that make the experience of playing Wii on a projector smoother.

But, first:

What is Nintendo Wii?

Like PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo Wii is a popular gaming console.

Nintendo released the Wii in 2006, which became insanely popular for its innovative motion-sensitive controllers.

Nintendo Wii Gaming Console

While not a new concept, Nintendo Wii allows gamers to interact with their games using the Wii Remote and Wii Sensor Bar.

The Wii Sensor Bar (provided within the package) tracks the Wii Remote’s movement.

Later, these movements are translated into various actions depending on the game.

Nintendo has sold over 100 million units up to 2021. Despite being officially discontinued in 2013, it’s still one of the most popular gaming consoles even today.

How to Connect Wii to Projector with HDMI

Nintendo Wii doesn’t have an HDMI port; it has an RCA port to transfer video and audio signals from the console.


If you’ve recently bought a projector, you cannot directly connect it to the console.

However, there are a few turnarounds to this.

RCA to HDMI Connector for Nintendo Wii and Projector

The most popular yet easy being a RCA to HDMI adapter.

The adapter accepts RCA input from one end and converts them into HDMI signals, which you can connect to your projector via an HDMI cable.

Connecting your Wii to a projector using HDMI is a straightforward process once you have the following things handy:

  • Wii Console
  • Wii’s RCA cable
  • RCA to HDMI Adapter
  • Adapter’s Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Projector

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Ensure your projector has an empty or extra HDMI slot.

Step 2: Connect the Wii console to the adapter using the RCA cable. The RCA cable is provided within the box; else, you can also purchase it on Amazon.

RCA to HDMI Adapter Connection with Wii and Projector
RCA to HDMI Adapter Connection with Other Devices

Step 3: Connect the adapter to the projector using an HDMI cable. Use the HDMI cable provided with your projector or I’d recommend getting a longer HDMI cable.

Step 4: The RCA to HDMI adapter requires constant power. Thus, you’ll need to connect it to the powered USB port on your Wii console. The USB power cable is provided with the adapter. You can also power the adapter with a phone charger or power bank.

Step 5: Power ON both devices and select the correct HDMI input on your projector. When you see Wii’s boot screen and UI on the projector; congratulations, you’ve successfully connected Wii to your projector.

Later, adjust the projector to get the right projection size. You’ll also need to adjust the focusing and keystone correction.

If your projector has a ‘Game’ mode, use it to improve latency.

You’ll also need to pair the Wii Remote Control and connect Wii Sensor Bar, which we’ll talk about later.

Connecting Wii to Projector using VGA port

Assuming your projector doesn’t have an HDMI port or has an empty VGA port. In that case, you can also connect Wii to your projector using VGA.

RCA to VGA adapter for Nintendo Wii to Projector

The procedure is precisely similar to the one we discussed above. Thus, to connect Wii to the projector using a VGA port, you’ll need an RCA to VGA adapter.

With an RCA to VGA adapter, you’ll need to connect the adapter and your projector using a VGA cable.

VGA cables are very cheap compared to HDMI cables.

What is Wii Sensor Bar?

The Wii Sensor Bar is a device that’s also included in the Wii console package.

The Wii Sensor Bar tracks the Wii Remote’s position and orientation. These movements are then translated into the game you’re playing.

Wii Sensor Bar Aftermarket for Wii Console

Have you lost or damaged your Wii Sensor Bar?

Don’t worry:

You can purchase an aftermarket Wii Sensor Bar for less than $10.

How Does the Wii Sensor Bar Work?

The Wii Sensor Bar is connected to your Wii console and emits infrared light from two points.

The Wii Remote detects the IR light through an infrared camera within the remote.

The Wii Sensor Bar calculates the Wii Remote’s position and orientation based on your movements.

The calculated data is transferred to the Wii Console and later translated to in-game movements or controls.

How to Connect Wii Sensor Bar to Wii Console

To use the Wii Sensor Bar, you must first connect it to the Wii Console:

  1. Connect the Sensor Bar: Find the Sensor Bar connector on your Wii Console. Later, connect the cable to the Sensor Bar connector. It’s on the Wii console’s backside and above the RCA connector.
  2. Position the Sensor Bar: The Wii Sensor Bar placement is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. You must place the Sensor Bar above or below the projector screen. The Sensor Bar must be parallel, placed in the projector screen’s center, and facing forward.

The Wii Sensor Bar’s cable is around 7 feet long. However, most projectors need around 10-12 feet of distance to produce a 100-inch screen.

In this case, you can also purchase an aftermarket wireless Wii Sensor Bar. The wireless version costs under $15 and is easy to set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect Wii to the projector using HDMI?

Yes! You can connect your Wii console to a projection through the HDMI port. For that, you’ll need an RCA to HDMI adapter.

Can I connect Wii to the projector without HDMI?

Suppose you have an older projector like the BenQ MW632ST that supports RCA connections. In that case, you can directly connect Wii Console to the projector without HDMI or any adapters.

Can I use the Wii without the Sensor Bar?

Not all Wii games require the Wii Sensor Bar. However, most games require the Wii Sensor Bar since it comes bundled within the package. The Wii Sensor Bar offers an immersive experience while playing Wii games.


I hope this article helped you learn about how to connect Wii to the projector.

Since Nintendo Wii is an older gaming console, it didn’t include an HDMI connector. However, you can easily connect it to your projector with the solutions mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Thank You!

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