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I’m Nick Thomson and I’m the owner of Visual Jacker.

My main goal with Visual Jacker is to provide extensive details about buying products like Projectors, TVs, Home Theater Systems, Speaker Systems and so on.

Since, we don’t buy these products frequently, it’s important to get them right the first time.

While, there’s a lot of information available online with beefed up specifications. My aim is to provide personal insights about a product and how it feels owning that product, rather than relying on specifications alone.

I always make sure to provide the data I list on my website to the best of my knowledge and in the simplest words possible. However, it can get confusing for some of you.

If that’s the case, then you can leave a comment on the article you’re reading or connect with me directly on my email address nickthomson1103[at]protonmail.com

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