How Far Should you Sit from a 120-inch Screen?

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It’s no secret that a big screen makes a significant impact.

When it comes to home entertainment, there’s nothing quite like watching your favorite movies or playing games on a 120-inch projector screen.

However, as with any large display, there are some key factors to consider when choosing the correct viewing distance for your needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how far you should sit from a 120-inch projector screen and how to get the most out of your viewing experience.

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How far should you sit from a 120-inch Screen?

It is recommended to sit between 161-227 inches from a 120-inch projector screen. Here 161 inches is the minimum viewing distance, and the maximum viewing distance is 227 inches. Thus, if you’re planning a multilevel home theater seating, you can place the seats between this distance range.

A 120-inch screen is extraordinarily massive and measures 105 inches in width and 59 inches in height for a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

Compared to a 100-inch screen, a 120-inch projector is ~32% bigger; hence, you need an extensive distance to view a 120-inch screen comfortably.

Why Should You Sit Far from a 120-inch Screen?

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand, when sitting close to a large projector screen, you won’t focus on the entire screen.

Instead, you’ll be focusing on small parts than the entire screen. Your eyes will constantly move from one part of the screen to another.

This can cause additional strain on your eyes and may lead to discomfort or pain after extended use.

By sitting further back from the screen, you’ll have a better view of the entire image and will be less likely to experience eye strain or fatigue.

In fact, experts recommend sitting at least 15 feet away from a 120-inch projector screen for the best viewing experience.

How to Calculate Correct Viewing Distance from a 120-inch screen?

While there are different calculators to calculate an ideal viewing distance; however, there are two standards you can use to find an approximate viewing distance.

These standards are from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and THX.

According to Wikipedia, “SMPTE is an internationally recognized standards organization which has published more than 800 technical standards and related documents for broadcast, filmmaking, digital cinema, audio recording, information technology (IT), and medical imaging.”

Thus, most standards related to movies, broadcasting, audio, and more come from the SMPTE organization.

On the other hand, THX is a company that develops high-fidelity audio/video reproduction standards for movie theaters, screening rooms, and home theater systems.

Both organizations have their standard formula of measuring the approximate viewing distance from a screen.

The actual formula of both these standards is dependent on the viewing angle, which we’ll get to later.

SMPTE viewing distance: 1.63 x diagonal screen size @ 30-degree viewing angle

THX viewing distance: 1.34 x diagonal screen @ 36-degree viewing angle

Breakdown of ideal, minimum, and maximum viewing distance for a 120-inch screen

The table below breaks down the different calculated viewing distances for a 120-inch screen. The viewing distance fluctuates due to viewing; hence, there’s no fixed viewing distance.

120-inch Viewing DistanceViewing AngleViewing Distance (Feet)
Max SMPTE (Recommended)30°16.3
Max THX (Recommended)36°13.4
Max THX (Acceptable)26°18.9
Ideal THX40°12
Visual Actuity (20/20 vision)NA14.8

As you can see in the above table, there’s no fixed value for a 120-inch screen viewing distance.

Moreover, visual acuity stands for the ideal viewing distance if you have a 20/20 vision. This shows that viewing distance can also vary based on your vision.

On top of that, the ideal viewing distance can differ based on the projector’s resolution too.

What is Viewing Angle?

Viewing angle is the angle you make with the screen when you’re watching it from the center from a certain distance.

For example, if you’re watching a 120-inch from a close distance, your viewing angle with the screen will be higher.

In comparison, the viewing angle decreases as you move away from the screen.

If you look at the above table, the ‘Max THX’ viewing distance is a lot further at 26 degrees than the viewing angle at 36 degrees.

Viewing Angle Comparison

As seen in the above illustration, you sit a lot closer to the projector screen if your viewing angle is 90°. On the other hand, 30° viewing seems a lot more comfortable for watching a massive screen like 120-inch.

Thus, the viewing distance with SMPTE and THX is based on the viewing angle and the screen size.

Projector Seat Placement

The ideal way to use a 120-inch projector screen is when you sit right in the center. However, that’s an ideal scenario.

If you’re planning to set up a home theater, you might have to set up multilevel seating with numerous seats. In this situation, each viewer will have a different viewing angle with the screen.

Thus, setting the seating between the minimum and maximum viewing distance is recommended.

As mentioned above, the ideal viewing distance for a 120-inch screen is between 161 to 227 inches. Thus, make sure the seating is set up within this range. Anywhere closer or far might not result in an optimum viewing experience.

Projector Room Size

Depending on the projector room’s size, a 120-inch screen might seem small or massive.

Before you get a screen, it is vital to get the measurements right.

Suppose there’s hardly any breathing room around the wall once you set up the screen. In that case, a 120-inch screen might not be the right fit; you should think of getting something small.

You need a good enough space around the screen to place speakers for optimum auditory experience.

Similarly, you might not have enough room for the projector to produce a 120-inch projection.

Without lens zoom, a long throw projector requires a 12-15 feet projection distance. To solve this issue, you could also get a short throw or an ultra short throw projector.

How to Determine the Optimal Distance?

While there are several ways to determine the ideal viewing distance; however, your personal experience will work well.

If you already have a projector and a screen, then make sure to slowly move further away from the screen step-by-step to determine the ideal viewing distance.

You might also need your friends or family members to ensure you’re getting data from various viewpoints.

I also recommend setting up a tape to mark the minimum and maximum viewing distance based on the SMPTE and THX calculation.

Based on the marking, you can correctly seat your projector room.

How High should you Mount a 120-inch screen?

Along with viewing distance, it is also important to note the height where you’ll place the projector screen.

While it may seem obvious to place the screen around a wall’s center, however, that’s not the right mindset.

It would be best if you placed the screen so that your neck neither goes up nor down while watching the projector screen.

Hence, it is crucial to place the projector screen at the viewer’s horizontal eyesight line or relaxing eyesight line, 15° lower than the horizontal eyesight line.

Vertical Viewing Angle for a Projector Screen

As you can see in the above image, you should aim to place the projector screen at a 0° angle. At this point, our neck stays straight, which further reduces neck pain.

However, our heads tilt 15° downwards, forming a relaxed eye line. Our head tends to tilt a little lower to relax the neck muscles.

Using this data, you can manage the projector screen placement. The seating also plays an essential role in this scenario.

Suppose you’re setting a multi-row projector room seating. In that case, you need to consider the viewing angle of viewers from different rows.

It would be best to make sure the viewing isn’t tilting the viewer’s head up or down more than required. This ensures that all viewers have a pleasurable movie-watching experience.


To conclude, a comfortable viewing distance for a 120-inch screen varies depending on your individual needs and preferences. So if you’re not sure how far back to sit, it’s always best to experiment a little until you find the optimal viewing distance for you.

The SMPTE and THX viewing distance calculator help determine the ideal minimum and maximum viewing distance. You can keep the data in mind to design your projector room.

On top of that, if you want a 120-inch screen for casual use, you can surely use it however you like. However, make sure you aren’t sitting very close and have a comfortable viewing angle with the screen.

At the end, when it comes to watching content on a giant 120-inch screen, it’s important to remember to sit at an appropriate distance and take care of your eyes. Doing so ensures a more enjoyable viewing experience for everyone involved.

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